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English experiences for lifelong learners.

Preparing people to thrive in the world of tomorrow.

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.


Since 2020, we’ve been busy preparing young people for the world of tomorrow by working with thousands of kids and teens across Germany. It’s provided us with immense amounts of joy, laughter and tears (in a good way!).... Through all of this, their adults kept on saying, “wow! I wish I had done that when I was their age”. That got us thinking, big kids (that's you, adults) need us too! We spoke to all of our friends, colleagues, next door neighbours and dentists and the feedback was clear: the demand for English education that's fun, active, fail-happy and relevant for today's world is higher than ever.

Our Programmes:


Company Workshops

Interactive Workshops for Organisations



5-Day Language Retreats for Professionals

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