About us

About us

Our promise: Extraordinary English Experiences!



cultural exchange

Sustainable English experiences across Germany!


Gain access to the global world through language experiences.

We want to equip young people with the tools they need to confidently use English as the language of international and intercultural understanding. Our international team of trainers enable your students to do more than just immerse themselves in the English language, they will also take them on a cultural journey.

Experience based learning:


Trees planted in 2023 (5 for each participant)


Qualified English trainers from all over the world



Participating students from all over Germany

Trusted partner schools


We are LevelUp English!

LevelUp English was founded in Berlin in 2020. Today, we work with a versatile team of English trainers from all four corners of the world. Together, we are bound by one mission: to prepare learners for the 21st century through language learning experiences and cultural exchange. We do all of this without having to travel abroad!