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Our mission is to ignite a passion for language learning and cultural exchange by creating immersive experiences that are both effective and fun. We are on a quest to banish the mundane methods of the past and replace them with engaging, interactive language learning adventures.


Trees planted in 2023 (5 for each participant)


Qualified English trainers from all over the world



Participating students from all over Germany

Trusted partner schools

Our story began with a question: how can we make language learning fun and easy? Our founder, Felix, found traditional methods for learning languages ineffective. So, he used his experience as a musician and performer to bring creative approaches to his students, which worked. Through rhythm, song and composition, his students were engaged, had fun and were learning without even realising. An idea was born and the need to impact more students through immersive learning began.

LevelUp English wurde 2020 in Berlin gegründet. Heute arbeiten wir mit einem vielseitigen Team aus qualifizierten Englisch-Muttersprachler:innen zusammen.

Our Trainers

At LevelUp English we value pedagogical qualifications, people skills and trainers with a passion for our vision.

We're proud to work with such a talented community of artists, performers and educators.

You can find us at schools, camps and organisations across Germany in our distinctive tye die T-shirts!

We've welcomed over 4000 participants since starting in 2020 and the feedback is clear: the demand for English education that's fun, interactive, fail-happy and relevant for today's world is higher than ever. How can we help you?

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