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English Workshops for your organisation.

Build team unity and transform company communication through our fun and gamified workshop experiences that develop English speaking confidence and foster connection for a brighter company culture.  


Inhouse Training

4 Modules

Build speaking confidence

Our workshops help organisations improve their English communications. By empowering teams through these workshops, organisations can increase employee engagement and satisfaction, boost company culture and improve cross-cultural and inter-hierarchical collaboration, ensuring that teams are hitting organisational goals and are more aligned with the core company values.

Happier Employees: 

Builds Company Culture: 



Encourages Innovation:

Better communications leads to higher employee engagement & job satisfaction, leading to higher levels of productivity.


An organisation's culture becomes more transparent and inclusive when communication is clear, leading to a stronger sense of community and a more positive work environment.


Effective communications leads to streamlined and efficient workflows, reducing miscommunication and misunderstandings.

A highlight in your company calendar that brings teams together across disciplines and hierarchies to align on company values and work towards your organisation's mission.

Course Details


Price (incl. VAT)        

Price (excl. VAT)       

per participant incl.

service & course material

ONLY €149,- net per participant (group size 6-15)

*Unit = 45 minutes

Course can be delivered as four seperate modules (completed at a time of your choice) or as a full day programme (9am - 6pm)

12 units*


Launch your confidence building journey in English with a personalised, inhouse workshop, exclusively available as a free trial*.
*Available for Berlin-based companies only.

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